Sunday, January 1, 2012

Time for Healing in 2012

The year 2012 has arrived and all of all start out with positive expectations. Some of us make the usual New Year's resolutions, others are just plain obstinate to change and feel that it is just another year. Well I'm here to tell you that this is not just another year. Personally, I was at home with my family and we all embraced each other with joy, happiness and then spontaneously joined hands for prayer. We praised God for blessing us with a New Year. We praised him and asked him to bless us and the world with health of body, mind and spirit. Pray this prayer with faith and believe!

Oh Lord, my body is full of pain and I have lost the joy of living but you are my God and I offer you this pain for your sorrowful passion. Take it in your merciful hands and transform it into a healing power of physical healing for all who suffer physically in this very moment. Lord I don't pretend to know your divine will of why some people heal and others don't but I do know that tonight you will touch the lives of many who have prayed for healing of the body. Lord touch my life tonight.

Lord my mind is troubled. I worry about my job, my financial responsibility to my family, the economic pressures of our times, the world's conflicts and wars. I worry about the ever growing crime rate and lack of compassion for our fellow man. I worry about how easily a stranger can take someones life without remorse. Even worse when family turns against each other. Lord I worry about the moral fiber of family values which has decayed and the lack of respect for mankind. Lord bring peace to our world. Let this be the year of enlightenment where we can finally see that we must change our lives to make this world a better place. Lord ease my troubled mind and bring me peace and tranquility. Lord touch my mind tonight.

Oh Lord my spirit aches to know if there is a higher purpose in my life. Am I on the right path that leads to life or am I on the path that leads to destruction? Am I doing your will Father or am I doing what I desire without your help? Do I feel self-sufficient or am I in need of your dependence? Oh, Lord help me reflect this year the path to choose. I need to know that I am not alone and that I can confide and depend on you. Give me the spiritual strength this year to believe, to battle the forces of evil in this world and to stand strong. Lord heal my spirit and guide my family, work and endeavours by putting it all in your hands first. I need to return to my first love which is you Jesus. Lord touch my spirit tonight.

I pray that all who have reflected with me in this prayer for healing receive in abundance their heart's desire in 2012. I truly believe that this is a critical life changing year for all of us. We need to decide what's most important to us. May God enlighten us all this year to realize our dreams and aspirations by first putting it all in his hands. Only then can we truly know that we are doing the correct thing. God bless all of us this coming year!